NodeMCU-32S Lua ESP-32S WiFi IOT Development Board ESP32S Dual-Core Wireless WIFI BLE Module Serial Port Internet of Things

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Plug-and-play 32 GPIOs, each configured as PWM, I2C FCC & CE certified WiFi module with built-in antenna

NodeMCUIs an open source Internet of things platform. It is written in the Lua scripting language. The platform is based on the eLua open source project. The "NodeMCU-32S" is based on the ESP-32S module. The platform uses a number of open source projects, such as lua-cjson, spiffs. "NodeMCU-32S" contains can run on ESP32 Wi-Fi SoC chip firmware, and based on ESP-32S module hardware. ESP32 is Shanghai Espressif developed WiFi + Bluetooth chip, designed for embedded products to provide access to the network function.


"NodeMCU-32S" Is the letter based on ESP-32S module designed by the core development board. The development board continues the classic design of NodeMCU 1.0, leads to most of the I / O to the side of the pin, developers can connect peripherals according to their needs. When using the breadboard for development and debugging, the standard pin on both sides can make the operation more simple and convenient.

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