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  • wholesale 2016 the newest version of the Makey Makey master board
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2016 the newest version of the Makey Makey master board

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Makey Makey. Principle is very simple, very powerful. No programming, do not connect the cumbersome lines, do not install the software, just need to connect USB can be used, very simple! Come and have fun together!

Give the child a surprise gift, a playful toy.

With the MaKey MaKey, the Makey Makey kit lets you use almost everything as a keyboard for your computer with just a few clips and wires.
MakeyMakey through a high-impedance switch to detect when you through the contact material, resulting in switch conduction, this technology can bring some noise, the windows of the host computer through the low-pass filter to remove noise interference, MaKey MaKey onboard ATMega32u4 Chip and computer communication to complete the HID protocol, which is the keyboard and mouse protocol.

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