• wholesale 9-50v 40A 2000w hho pwm controller pwm dc motor speed controller switch
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9-50v 40A 2000w hho pwm controller pwm dc motor speed controller switch

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XY-1240A 9-50V DC converter is positioned as an entry-level industrial governor with a small volume, wide voltage, high current, low temperature rise, high reliability, low prices




(1) Operating voltage: DC10V-DC50V

(2) Control power: 0.01-2000W (maximum rated current of 40A)

Different operating voltages corresponding to different power control as follows:

Operating voltage 12V, 12V * 40A = 480W

Operating voltage 24V, 24V * 40A = 960W

Operating voltage 36V, 36V * 40A = 1440W

Operating voltage 40V, 40V * 40A = 1600W

Operating voltage 50V, 50V * 40A = 2000W

(3) quiescent current: 0.025A (operating voltage DC10V to DC50V Static current will not exceed 25ma)

(4) PWM duty cycle: 5% -100%

(5) PWM frequency: 12khz

(6) Operating temperature: -2040C degrees

(7) The board Dimensions: 90 X 51 X30 MM




1, various types of general-purpose DC brush motor speed

2, various types of vehicles with motor speed (automotive cooling fan speed, auto fan speed, auto wiper motor control, automotive air-conditioning fan speed)

3, the production line belt speed, pipeline exhaust fan speed, treadmill speed, multiple computers in parallel fan speed control, electronic fan speed control.

4, various types of DC lamp dimmer, various types of DC heater thermostat.

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